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How often do you need to repaint the exterior of your home? The answer depends on the type of material covering your exterior walls, the grade of paint, the climate, and the quality of the prep work that was completed before the paint was applied. Wood surfaces typically need to be painted at least every 7 years, while aluminum siding and stucco can only go about 5 years. Paint applied to cement fiberboard and painted brick may last as long as 12 to 15 years. Be aware that low-grade paint or low-quality prep work may mean that your home’s exterior needs to be repainted in as few as 3 years.

Intact exterior paint is essential to protecting your home from the deteriorating effects of rain and snow. Peeling paint, the most obvious red flag, is allowing water to seep in and the wood underneath to rot. If you leave these peeling surfaces unpainted, deterioration will continue, and repairs will be more costly.

Here are some additional warning signs that it’s time to repaint:

  • Paint is cracking, flaking, or bubbling. Like peeling, this indicates that moisture has already penetrated your wood framing and foundation, potentially causing rot and mildew.
  • Even if your home shows no peeling, it still may be time to repaint if your exterior walls look “chalky.” If you run your fingers over the paint and they pick up a bit of residue, this means the paint has begun to break down and is less capable of keeping out moisture.
  • If you press against the wood of your window sills, door sills, or corner board and it “gives,” it likely has rot and needs to be replaced. This new wood then needs to primed and painted as soon as possible.

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You’ll want to choose a conscientious and detail-oriented company like James Taylor Construction Services, Inc. (JTC). Our team can assess the overall condition of your home’s exterior and provide information about the types of paint available. We keep up-to-date on the latest products and techniques, and all of our painters are trained and experienced. We know that properly preparing all surfaces is essential to a successful paint job that will both protect your home and look beautiful for years to come.

Our prep work includes the following:

  • Carefully pressure washing the exterior of your home first. For paint to properly adhere, it’s critical that we remove any mold or surface debris and that your home be allowed to dry completely.
  • All peeling paint must be removed, and most houses need some degree of scraping and sanding. If painting has been neglected for too long, we then make any necessary repairs to the siding, such as replacing wood. Soffit repairs are also sometimes necessary.
  • Repairs are primed with an oil-based primer to keep out moisture. We also thoroughly caulk where needed around doors and windows. We pay special attention to the quality of paint and caulking we use so that your paint job both protects and looks great in the long-term.