Metal Roofs

Have you ever considered replacing your asphalt shingle roof with a metal one? A metal roof can save you 20% or more on energy costs year-round. Regardless of color, metal roofs reflect the sun’s energy, keeping your home cooler in the summer. A metal roof is also an excellent insulator, which reduces your energy bills during the winter months.

There are many additional reasons to consider a metal roof:

  • You will increase the value of your home.
  • You will reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs and replacement.
  • Aluminum roofs are relatively light weight, which helps preserve the structural integrity of the roof for decades. A metal roof is impervious to solar radiation, resists wind, sheds snow and ice quickly, stands up to hail, and reduces fire risks.

High-quality metal roofing systems come in a wide variety of colors and styles, some of which look like metal (think traditional standing seam). Others simulate roofing styles like wood shakes, clay tile, slate, or architectural shingles. Regardless of style, highly reflective paint on the aluminum re-emits up to 90% of solar radiation.

Metal roofs are a good choice for the environment for a number of reasons, in addition to reducing your utility bills:

  • Aluminum shingles typically contain post-consumer content.
  • A metal roof can usually be installed on top of your existing roof, reducing landfill burden.
  • Metal shingles/panels are maintenance-free and will not rot, rust, crack, or mold.
  • Metal roofs may perform well for 100+ years.

Properly installing metal roofing requires a complex skill set. The first panel must be installed perfectly square, as all of the other panels follow it. Predrilling exposed fastener panels is important for making screw lines as straight as possible. We also take special care to avoid over- or under-tightening screws. At James Taylor Construction Services, Inc. (JTC), our trained installers know how to lap panels and shingles correctly, even on complicated roof lines.

Our goal is to waterproof your house by using panels and trim correctly. We use caulk and other sealants as a secondary, not a primary, means of weatherproofing. Caulk lasts much longer when applied under metal materials, where it’s protected from exposure to sun and rain. We employ proper flashing techniques to avoid any future leaks. After we finish installing metal roofing, we carefully remove any metal shavings that remain on the roof to avoid unsightly rust spots.

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